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Our Story

Combining Efforts to Make the Biggest Impact

Now is the time to reimagine the world we want to live in and make it real with each decision we make. Our shared prosperity will depend on our ability to create access to opportunities for our young people to develop and learn. By bringing together advocates, policymakers, and communities, Our Children Oregon is working to create the Oregon we envision, an Oregon where all of us – and especially the next generation – can thrive. 

After working in partnership for three years, Children First for Oregon (CFFO) and The Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon (CTFO) merged to form Our Children Oregon. A new strategic plan and merger was unanimously approved by both boards to build a stronger, united, and more impactful organization which launched January 1, 2020 as Our Children Oregon (OCO). Both CFFO and CTFO have long, rich histories of advocating for Oregon’s children. CFFO was founded in 1991 with a mission to empower communities to advocate for kids so all children in Oregon can thrive. CFFO has improved children’s lives by galvanizing community support and informing decision-makers about the solutions kids need. CTFO began in 1985 as an entity sponsored by the state, working in collaboration with service providers, state agencies, and other leaders in child abuse prevention.


Our Children Oregon’s mission is to be a voice and force for the common good for all Oregon children, ensuring all children have the resources and opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

We elevate data and the voices of communities to amplify the need, and collaboratively develop policy and public investments to improve overall child and family well-being across the state.


Our Children Oregon safeguards the next generation of young people by bringing together advocates and communities to develop and advocate for a shared agenda, prioritizing high quality housing, education, health, safety, and economic security for children and their families, so that all children thrive. 

We use data to shine a spotlight on the gaping inequalities facing children that exist across the state. We invest in and build the capacity of people and organizations to enhance child and youth well-being, and unify our partners to instigate changes in policy and investment priorities driven by the voices of children, families, and communities.

We envision an Oregon where each child is seen, nurtured, and valued for the unique assets and contributions they bring to our state.

Our Values

Our Values make up what matters most to us. This is what we stand for, what motivates us, and what guides our decision making:


We examine data, strategies, and potential policy through a racial equity lens, and advocate for solutions that benefit the children and families in greatest need.


We lead with compassion to ensure the communities we work with and for feel valued, respected, and welcomed.


We take a holistic approach to helping children and families thrive through partnerships and advocacy that increase the number of children who are healthy, safe, engaged, and supported.

Collaboration / Inclusion

We practice shared leadership by inviting, listening, and setting a table so that all stakeholders can contribute; we seek to be of service to amplify the voices of those who aren’t often heard.


We recognize that changing outcomes for children and families is a marathon not a sprint, and challenge partners to make decisions informed by the long-term potential for children.